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Adam Spencer

Following on from his Big Book of Numbers (2014), World of Numbers (2015), and Time Machine (2016

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Learn about Dr Karl, the universe and everything, and discover how air-conditioning is sexist, ho

Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince

The Infinite Monkey Cage, the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme, brings you this irreverent celebra

New Scientist

What is it that makes us human?

Richard Dawkins

A new anthology of essays and previously published and unpublished work by the brilliant evolutio

Clive Hamilton

Humans have become so powerful that we are disrupting the functioning of the earth, to the point

David George Haskell

David Haskell’s The Forest Unseen won acclaim for eloquent writing and deep engagement with the n

Lawrence Krauss

In the beginning there was light
but more than this, there was gravity.

Kate Grenville

A beautifully written, clear-eyed investigation of the science of scent and the power of the frag

Dava Sobel

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dava Sobelreturns with a captivating, little-known true stor

Adam Spencer

Following the runaway success of his Big Book of Numbers and World of Numbers (2015), Adam Spence

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Our timeless Lord of Science, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, is back - in this, his 40th book.

James Gleick

From the acclaimed author of The Information and Chaos, a mind-bending exploration of time travel

Peter Wohlleben

"Opening this book, you are about to enter a wonderland."

Graham Lawton

Introduction by Professor Stephen Hawking.

Brian Cox , Jeff Forshaw

We dare to imagine a time before the Big Bang, when the entire Universe was compressed into a spa

Anna Laurent

A stunning collection of botanical wall charts from all around the world, ideal for naturalists,

Jennifer Ackerman

For decades, people have written off birds as largely witless, driven by instinct and capable of

Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams reflects on why science matters, after 40 years of ABC RN's The Science Show.

Randall Munroe

From the bestselling author of What If?


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